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Miron Construction - Architecture | Design | Neenah, WI
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Miron Construction’s C5 process and approach encompasses understanding our clients, their core vision, goals, and dreams.

At Miron Construction, we want clients to understand that a building can impact their entire business model—from the customer experience to collaboration and profitability to employee attraction and retention. We want to let people know it is okay to imagine something different, something more.


Miron’s C5 Process starts with a true understanding of an owner’s goals, vision, and dreams for the project. For any project to reach its full potential, these unique drivers must become the focus of every member of the project team. Ultimately, the ability to engage the entire project team around a company’s unique drivers, in a way that truly builds its vision into every phase of the project, is what sets Miron apart.

The “capture” phase begins as we focus the team on understanding who our clients are, what they do, and how this project will enhance their organizational goals. During this phase of the process, the Miron team will collaborate with the design team to gain an understanding of the current state and strategic business goals, and establish/confirm the vision statement for the project. The work completed during the capture phase will guide the rest of the design and construction process.


The “create” phase involves developing project concepts that fulfill our clients’ vision and drivers. The schematic design concepts are further developed using 3D Building Information Modeling for visualization, coordination, and energy modeling. Along the way, Miron will work with the design team to refine the project budget, develop reliable schedules, and build quality into every detail. The entire pre-construction team is engaged to ensure that final design meets all of the project goals—no exceptions.


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All project participants are integrated into the construction phase to ensure operational and technical objectives are met. The project drivers are reviewed and incorporated into each phase of construction to assure that all work supports the goals established earlier. This is how a client’s vision becomes reality.


Communication is the critical element that links the process together into an integrated approach, delivering consistency, predictability, and value at every step along the way. Our approach stresses regular communication with all team members coupled with confirmation that the team is fully engaged with the project vision. This communicate/confirm loop occurs continuously throughout the capture, create, and construct phases to integrate members into a unified, high-performance team working together to fulfill the project goals.

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