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Miron Construction - Architecture | Design | Neenah, WI
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Miron Construction is bringing dreams to life.

Miron Construction guarantees that our team will surpass the competition in hard work, collaboration, and commitment in order to ensure the complete success of our clients’ projects. We are dedicated to meeting—and exceeding—their expectations with every interaction. We understand that construction projects are much more than just buildings; they are an opportunity to create an environment that reflects an owner’s unique culture and supports their business objectives.


Likewise, our team believes a building project is more than just creating a new space; it is fulfilling a dream that empowers a company to deliver on its mission. That is why our commitment reaches beyond construction to encompass something even more important: dreams. Our passion brings dreams to life.

Bringing client dreams to life

Let Miron help bring your dreams to life. Call us today.


Not only does Miron take the dreams of its clients seriously, the company also cares deeply about the personal dreams of its employees. In a world where employers are struggling to attract and retain top talent, Miron is taking a unique approach. Realizing that everyone has a dream, the company has committed to helping its employees fulfill theirs. Miron’s Dream Coach, in conjunction with the Dream Team (a select group of Miron employees serving in an advisory role), has created and implemented Miron’s Dream Project program.


The program focuses on a holistic approach to personal development. Employees schedule one-on-one meetings with the Dream Coach to discuss their dreams and the opportunities that exist. Dreams can be short- or long-term, but must be personal, rather than professional in nature. Dreams may entail a desire to run a marathon, overcome a fear, find one's purpose in life, pay off credit card debt, build self-confidence, write a book, or simply find a dream. What started as an idea has now become a reality and something that is very personal to the 117 Miron employees who have utilized the program.


Back in 2015, Insight on Business featured Miron’s Dream Project: article. The Dream Project was also featured in the Journal Sentinel when the company was honored with the Deloitte 75 Distinguished Performer Award in the People Category: article.


Check out this update on one of Miron's Dream Project participants: Mary Cummings.



Nurturing employee dreams

Deloitte Wisconsin 75 People Award

Miron's "Dream Coach" is just one example of its commitment to workers. For more details, check out Rick Barrett's article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.