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Miron Construction - Architecture | Design | Neenah, WI
Miron’s Construction Innovation Lab Director of Virtual Construction Dan Bayer presenting a virtual model Construction project, plans, hard hat, ipad

Miron is rethinking construction, from new technologies to better materials.

Innovation comes from vision and courage, and sometimes even a little audacity. And most of the time it comes with a lot of collaboration.


We never want to be constrained by same-old thinking. From new technologies to better materials, we seek out the best new ideas the market has to offer. If the market hasn’t developed them yet, maybe we can. We break the mold and start thinking about what a facility could be, not just what it’s expected to be.


A few examples of ways in which we incorporate innovation into our corporate culture and daily lives include:

BIM is an integrated architectural, engineering, and construction workflow utilizing information that has been loaded into a digital building model. BIM allows for enhanced communication, accuracy, and efficiency, as well as better coordination with architects, engineers, building owners, and subcontractors. This technology assists with visualization (allowing owners to see the design intent and provide feedback early in the design phase), interference detection (allowing for coordination between engineering systems and identification of potential conflicts before the construction phase), and cost estimating (fostering a link between extracted materials and estimating packages), just to name a few.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Learn about the innovative processes we’re developing at Miron.


The first of its kind in Wisconsin, our Construction Innovation Lab is an interactive workspace that improves collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on various platforms and documents simultaneously on one large screen. Not only does the space offer integrated, fully customizable, one-touch room controls (lighting, sound, and phone management), but users can also connect in several ways (PC, Mac, or tablet) to present information, thus fostering a synergistic lab environment where everyone has the ability to contribute in a meaningful way.

Construction Innovation Lab

• Promotes collaboration

• Stimulates innovation

• Equates to better and faster decision making


Constructability Review Meeting: A project team can present building plans, specifications, and 3D models all at the same time for a holistic view of the project.

Sample use: