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Miron Construction - Architecture | Design | Neenah, WI
Miron employees who participated in an Earth Day Goodwill challenge Miron employees and kids planting a tree Miron Construction’s corporate headquarters Sustainability experience zone

Miron Construction is nationally recognized for its sustainable construction practices and LEED project experience.

Miron Construction is committed to sustainability and understands that sustainable design and construction are not only good for the health and well-being of building occupants and the environment, but make economic sense as well. As a result, we believe we have a responsibility to fully understand our clients’ sustainable goals as well as their financial goals regarding both initial capital budget and life cycle costs. By evaluating various building solutions, systems, and equipment, we can present capital budgets and annual operational and maintenance projections to clients to enable well-informed decisions that align with their goals.

Our green/LEED project experience has enabled us to demonstrate that when sustainability is integrated into the design and construction of a high-quality project from its onset, sustainable construction does not necessarily add cost. When considering the annual operational savings (reduced annual energy costs), short payback periods, and favorable ROIs, not to mention the soft financial benefits of enhanced occupant health and well-being (including increased productivity), green/LEED projects are a natural choice for our clients who are looking for value-added and cost-effective building solutions.

LEED construction

Do your part to protect the environment. Call us with your sustainable project today.


At Miron, we are leading by example to demonstrate the benefits of the triple bottom line: people (enhancing health and wellness), planet (minimizing our environmental impact), and payback (gaining financial benefits). We influence not only our clients’ construction choices, but the small, daily environmental choices our employees make as well, proving once again that a building can drive change.


One of Miron’s many sustainable projects sets new standards for 21st century learning: Lake Mills Elementary is schooled in green building design. This project was recently named ENR's Best of the Best K-12 project in the nation.

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Leading the industry in green building

Miron Construction featured in Construction Business Owner magazine: Sustainability Made Possible through an Integrated Team.